Enlaces Tutoriales

  1. Basic biomethodology for laboratory mice
  2. Caesarian rederivation in the mouse
  3. Cross-fostering technique in the rat
  4. Examination of vaginal smears in the rat
  5. Guide to the Necropsy of the Mouse
  6. Handling and Restraint of the Animal
  7. Immobilisation and intraperitoneal injection in the mouse
  8. Immobilisation and subcutaneous injection in the mouse
  9. Immobilisation and subcutaneous injection in the rat
  10. Intramuscular injection in the rat
  11. Intraperitoneal injection in the mouse
  12. Intraperitoneal injection in the rat
  13. Intravenous injection in the mouse
  14. Intravenous injection in the rat
  15. Mouse: Handling and Restraint
  16. Mouse intubation tutorial video 
  17. Mouse phlebotomy: A comparison of superficial temporal vein and retro-orbital venous plexus collection methods 
  18. Mouse strain nomenclature tutorial
  19. Oral Gavage in the Mouse
  20. Oral Gavage in the Rat
  21. Rat handling
  22. Rat: Handling and Restraint
  23. Rat intubation tutorial video 
  24. Saphenous vein blood draw: rats
  25. Saphenous vein puncture for blood sampling of the mouse
  26. Subcutaneous injection in the mouse
  27. Subcutaneous injection in the rat
  28. Taking blood samples from mice: Using the goldenrod animal lancet
  29. The characteristics of a healthy mouse
  30. The characteristics of a healthy rat  
  31. Virtual necropsy of the mouse
  1. Bleeding and intravenous techniques in pigs
  2. Blood collection from the central ear artery of the rabbit
  3. Blood collection from the cranial vena cava of the ferret
  4. Blood Collection in Ferrets
  5. Blood sampling in sheep
  6. Blood sampling mink from the saphenous vein: An alternative to cardiac puncture and tail bleeding
  7. Bloodsampling in the Pig
  8. Cat anatomy tutorial
  9. Cat dissection: A laboratory guide
  10. Curso digital de enfermedades infecciosas porcinas
  11. Ferret: Handling and Restraint
  12. Frogs and toads
  13. Gerbil: Handling and Restraint
  14. Guinea Pig: Handling and Restraint
  15. Hamster: Handling and restraint
  16. Handling and Blood Sampling of the Hen 
  17. Holding and immobilisation of a rabbit
  18. Iguana bladder stone
  19. Intravenous injection in mink
  20. Intravenous injection in the rabbit
  21. Rabbit: Handling and Restraint
  22. Rabbit technical procedures
  23. Subcutaneous injection and terminal bleeding in the hen
  24. Subcutaneous injection in the rabbit
  25. Terminal bleeding of a rabbit
  26. The online cat dissection
  27. Virtual canine anatomy
  28. Virtual frog dissection kit tutorial
  29. Welcome to the amphibian embriology tutorial
  1. Aseptic Technique in Rodent Surgery
  2. Basic assessment: Laboratory animal health and welfare
  3. How to make your own atlas in 10 easy steps
  4. Old Animals: Handling and Restraint
  5. Practical animal handling
  6. PHS policy on humane care and use of laboratory animal tutorial
  7. Recognising post-operatives pain in animals
  8. Restraint Techniques for Animals
  9. Retro-orbital Bleeding of Rodents
  10. Submandibular/Facial Bleeding of Rodents
  11. Survival Surgery Procedures: Rodents
  12. Tattooing laboratory animals
  13. Toe Tattooing
  14. Virtual tour of a laboratory animal facility
  15. Young Animals: Handling and Restraint


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